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Due to her poor health, Emily has always been unable to live life to the fullest. Beside her passion for crime novels, her day-to-day life is mainly uneventful. However, when she receives an unusual gift from her brother for her birthday, she finds herself on a journey that would change her life. What would you do if you suddenly woke up in a video game? Would you become the hero, or the villain

This is the first ever comic I have worked on, and it features an original story which will be part of a bigger comic universe created by Jamie Brownhill. I am very excited to work with him and James Rudd on creating a great comic universe of our own! While our stories take part within the same universe, our comics can be read separately as well, as they follow different characters and narratives.

My story follows Emily, a bookworm that has always been quite weak and unable to live life to the fullest, and her journey inside the world of a murder investigation video game. Kid Nemesis takes place in an 80's setting outside the game, and in a quirky, colourful metropolis within the game. Being a huge fan of crime novels and games myself, I decided to create a game that is heavily based on some of my favourite titles such as: Ace Attorney, Detroit: Become Human, One of Us is Lying and many more! 

This project is still in early development, as I am currently working on the very first issue of Kid Nemesis. 

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All Kid Nemesis Characters!


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