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wolfboy jack and the scissors of doom

‘Wolfboy’s here to save the day! He’s so brave!’, they sing. ‘That’s right’ he said ‘I don’t get scared. I don’t fear anything’.

But what if he does fear something? And what if he doesn’t want want to admit to it? The dashing tale of a valiant hero who, with the help of his friends, finds new ways to be brave.

Molly and the Bog Sprogs

'A young Gorgon who is annoyed at having to share her time with her younger sisters (her hair-snakes). They keep thwarting her attempts to win the school talent contest until she devises a cunning plan...'

Even in a school full of monsters, Molly still feels out of place. No matter what she tries to do her 'sister' snakes are always getting in her way. Mischievous and uncontrollable, they scare away her friends and make everything she does so much more difficult. With help from her friends and a little trial-and-error, Molly finally finds a way to work with her snakes and realises that, although they annoy her, they are her family and she loves them.

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