Molly and the Bog Sprogs

This is the first children's book that I have illustrated!  I worked together with Matthew James Publishing and Lee Thomas, the author, to bring Molly's story to life.

'A young Gorgon who is annoyed at having to share her time with her younger sisters (her hair-snakes). They keep thwarting her attempts to win the school talent contest until she devises a cunning plan...' 

                                                                    Tiny Tree

Through my illustrations, I wanted to show just how colourful and dynamic her monster life really is! This opportunity shaped me as a children's book illustrator, and now I know this is something I really enjoy doing. My vibrant and joyful style suits this genre and it makes me so happy to see kids excited about their favourite stories being brought to life!

I was happy to use Molly in both my Graduate Show Exhibition as well as my New Designers exhibition in London, getting a lot of attention and interest from professionals and the public. 

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Alice in Wonderland

Those are my illustrations for the Plum Pudding children's books illustration contest 2019. In order to participate, we were asked to redesign the classic story of Alice in Wonderland in a unique way, without altering the original narrative too much. I found this to be quite difficult, as this story has been done multiple times in the past, but I had a great time trying to be creative with it. I designed the Queen of red hearts as a Russian doll, a Matrioska, whose head pops off when she gets angry, releasing guards out of her. I also designed a very flamboyant Cheshire cat, enveloped in a pink scarf, whose floating head forms a cute heart shape in the air. I chose to illustrate a quiet and mysterious Alice, whose face is hidden throughout the story. The Cheshire Cat is my favourite character, so I spent a lot of time perfecting his design.


I am currently working on my first original book! It will be written and illustrated by me and will feature my lovely character Stella as the protagonist. 

I want to create a book that can be read both by children and adults, and can be enjoyed at any age. The subject of my story is loss, as I personally went through the loss of my mother and it will be dedicated to her.

One day, Stella embarks on an unexpected journey to find her mother. On her way, she learns to understand the importance of friends, happiness and enjoying life to the fullest. 

More about Stella and her book coming soon!