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New Book Coming this September!

I have amazing news! Wolfboy Jack and the scissors of Doom, a new picture book that I illustrated, launches on September 29th! Written by Lee Thomas and published by Tiny Tree, our book takes readers back into the monstrous universe created by Molly and the Bog Sprogs, our first book. This time, however, Wolfboy Jack is the star of the show, and the story revolves around him and his worst fear... the hairdresser!

Molly and the Bog Sprogs is the first children's book that I illustrated! I was fortunate enough to be the winner of a children's book contest organized by Tiny Tree and Birmingham City University. The reward was the opportunity to work on this lovely book alongside Matthew James Publishing and the author, Lee Thomas.

'A young Gorgon who is annoyed at having to share her time with her younger sisters (her hair-snakes). They keep thwarting her attempts to win the school talent contest until she devises a cunning plan...' 

                                                                    Tiny Tree

This opportunity shaped me as a children's book illustrator. My vibrant and joyful style really suits this genre and it makes me happy to see kids and adults alike be excited about their favourite stories being brought to life! I cannot wait to work on more children's book projects in the future!

Molly and the Bog Sprogs was successfully published in August 2020, and is now available for purchase at the links provided!


Molly and the Bog Sprogs


Alice in Wonderland

Those are my illustrations for the Plum Pudding children's books illustration contest 2019. We were asked to redesign the classic story of Alice in Wonderland in a unique way, without altering the original narrative. I designed the Queen of red hearts as a Matryoshka, whose head pops off when she gets angry, releasing guards out of her. I also designed a very flamboyant Cheshire cat, enveloped in a pink scarf, whose floating head forms a cute heart shape in the air. I chose to illustrate a quiet and mysterious Alice, whose face is hidden throughout the story. The Cheshire Cat is my favourite character, so I spent a lot of time perfecting his design.

cat heaad charm.png