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In 2021 I had the amazing opportunity to work with PlayMonster on six board gamesAt the time, I had no previous board game designing experience. However, the team quickly made me feel comfortable with this medium. There's nothing quite like designing something that I am able to hold and play!


The Puzzled Collection is the most recent one I have designed, and got released on the market in Spring 2022. 


These games share the same mechanics, with three distinctive themes: Farmyard Fun Run, Space Race and Doggy Dash! They have round boards, made of puzzle pieces. Each quarter of the board belongs to a different player, who, throughout the game, needs to move around the outer circle of the board, slowly building up their quarter! These boards are among my favourites, especially the space board. They were also the most challenging, due to the high level of detail included.

Below you can see the three boards, each character up close, as well as the movers and game tokens that I designed.

blue ealien png.png
yellow alien png.png
frog green

flippity frog

Flippity Frog was a lovely game to design. I've always had a soft spot for ponds, and this game gave me the opportunity to design my own! In Flippity Frog, you play as Momma Frog, and you need to hop your way across the pond to take your babies back home.

Below you can see the artwork that I created, including the board, tokens and box art! I am especially proud of the board and the box art. As a board game beginner, I had to learn a lot about the process of getting from artwork to final product, how they are linked, what can and cannot be done and all the little things that need to be kept in mind. After designing a total of 6 games for PlayMonster I feel much more confident with this area of illustration. I would love to work on more games, for children and adults alike!

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Nest Board