Pond Board
Box Art
keep going
frog pink
frog yellow
frog blue
bad fish
frog green

Mummy frog must successfully carry her Froglets on her back across the pond, leaping from lily pad to lily pad. Each lily pad is turned over to reveal the next step mummy frog can take. If you come across Big Bad Fish it’s the end of your go! Or, take a Super Jump home! Mummy frog must flip over four lily pads to safely cross the pond!


First player to return 4 Froglets safely home wins!

flippity frog

In the past year I had the amazing opportunity to work with PlayMonster on multiple board games! While I cannot reveal all the games that I designed just yet, I am happy to share some of them which are now out and available for sale!

Flippity Frog was such a lovely game to design, in terms of subject and style. I've always loved illustrations that feature ponds with their cute inhabitants and lovely vegetation. This was a great opportunity for me to play around and test interesting visuals that could get children hooked!

This project was also challenging. At the time I started working on Flippity Frog, I had no previous board game designing experience. However this made the process even more exciting! There's nothing quite like designing something that I am able to hold and even play!

Below you can see the artwork that I created for this game including the board, tokens and box art! I am especially proud of the board and the box art, because I managed to achieve the quality and vibrancy that I wanted. As a board game beginner, I had to learn a lot about the process of getting from artwork to final product, how they are linked, what can and cannot be done and all the little things that need to be kept in mind. After designing a total of 6 games for PlayMonster I feel much more confident with this area of illustration. I would love to work on more games, for children and adults alike!

Flippity Frog is now available for purchase on Playmonster and many other shops. Search for 'Flippity Frog' to see all the places you can get it from!

Nest Board

Whose Nest

Box Art

Whose Nest is the second game that I designed for PlayMonster. This game features adorable chicks, hatching eggs and intruder crocs! Oh and also a very colourful nest!

Roll the dice! If you roll an egg, take the egg and place it in a nest. Will it hatch as a Chick or a Croc? If a chick, take a token...if a Croc, oh no! put the egg back in the bag. Each player after their go, spins the nest! Can you remember where the croc hatched? The first player to return all 3 baby chicks to the nest wins!                                                                                                                           PlayMonster

Crafty Croc has stolen all the eggs!

I had a lot of fun creating the amusing visuals of the box as well as the detailed board design. The board was not used in the end, however I am still very happy with how it turned out. I am most proud of the box design, which I spent the most time on. I wanted to achieve a high quality render that keeps the style cartoony.

wHOSE nEST is now available for purchase on Playmonster and many other shops. Search for 'wHOSE nEST' to see all the places you can get it from!

Track all together

Off the rails

Box Art

Ted the Tortoise has fallen asleep and he’s heading for an unfinished section of track! Can you lay new track fast enough to prevent him coming ’Off The Rails’? Each player starts with 3 track pieces and the remaining pieces are laid face down. Players take turns to add a section of the track and match by colour or number. If you cannot lay a track piece you must pick up another and add it to your hand, play continues to the next player. But don’t hang around! Teds train will speed up to make the game more challenging! Be the first player to lay all of your track pieces to win.                                                                                                                                                  PlayMonster

Go Piece

Out of this series of board games, Off The Rails had the biggest body of work. Off the Rails is a board game that contains puzzle pieces engraved with a central cut where its train can move along. Each track puzzle piece was designed with care, and they are all different. There are about 22 track pieces, in 4 different colours, including a Go and Rainbow piece. This game was a technical challenge for sure. When making the tracks I had to be very careful when aligning straight pieces and curved ones, so that the tracks match up. I had to make sure that, when put together, these tracks form a beautiful and comprehensive illustration.

Beside the puzzle pieces, I designed the box art and a collection of stickers to be used for the toy train. Drawing a train was way harder than I thought, which made this cover the most time consuming. 

I am very happy with the result, and I cannot wait for this game to also be available for purchase!

Rainbow Piece