Non Commercial commissions Terms and Conditions

For non commercial work, including but not exclusively referring to commissions created for individual clients and not companies, groups or any organizations, I have created the T&C list below. 


I retain all rights to the artwork that I create. The artwork can be uploaded on social media and be used to create merchandise exclusively by me, the creator. The client cannot repost their commission without informing me first, and they should make sure to mention and/or tag me with the appropriate social media handle. You can find all my social media links hereIf the client wants their commission to remain private, they should inform me so that we can reach an agreement.

Unless previously agreed upon, the client cannot use my artwork to create merchandise and cannot multiply or distribute it. The client cannot resell my work in any shape or form. The artwork cannot be altered by the client or any third party members. It cannot be edited, drawn over, changed or rebranded.


My artwork cannot be used to create NFTs, or in any project that involves NFTs. 


Commissions by individuals are not to be used for commercial purposes by the clients. Commercial work will be priced at an appropriate rate. For commercial enquiries, please contact me via email. You can find all my contact information here.


You can find my current commission price list here. Prices might vary depending on the client's request. Payments will be made at the start of the commissioning process. If the client wants to make a different payment arrangement we can discuss and reach an agreement. Payments are done through Paypal, however if there are other methods that suit my client better I am open to discussion. The Payment is done exclusively in British Pounds (GBP). Paypal can automatically convert currency, therefore the client does not have to worry about currency exchanges.



I am open to most topic and themes, however I will not draw inappropriate, abusive or offensive content. If I am not confident or comfortable enough with my client's request I will politely decline.                 

The time it takes me to make commissions varies. The client must inform me of any deadlines they have. If a deadline is not decided upon, then I can take as much times as needed to finish the commission. 


I allow changes at any time of the process, depending on the size (eg. I will not completely redraw characters, but will add details or adjust areas). The client should send me as many references as they see fit.


I really appreciate clients that are patient and respectful, so please be mindful when approaching me for a commission.

                                                                                                                                                       THANK YOU!